How do we do it?


Weight loss surgery or obesity operations are performed for obese people (BMI 40 40 or their weights at least twice the ideal weight)

Obesity Surgery


For a dieter, an obese patient may be able to diet and try to exercise or adjust his lifestyle. This behavior sometimes leads to a lot of frustration and depression, and some cases may find serious health issues.

Obesity surgery is a last resort when all treatment methods fail to control the weight and become a person’s health at high risk. Until then we at the German Jarallah Specialist Center look carefully to balance the benefits of surgery versus the associated risks.

Although obesity surgery can offer rapid weight loss to patients but this is only part of solving the problem of obesity, weight loss must be accompanied by regular exercise, healthy diet and behavioral change. These changes will help patients maximize the benefits of surgery, as well as control their weights and improve the quality of life.


Designed Jarallah German specialist clinics to help people who are obese after all Altkulaidaah roads failed. Dr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah of the pioneers of sleeve gastrectomy surgery and has experience exceeds 12 years in the field of obesity surgery.

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