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At the German Jarallah Specialist Center we would like you to feel confident that weight loss surgery is the right choice for you. Our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses guide our patients in all stages of the weight loss process.



It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of any treatment for weight loss is to change your eating habits and lifestyle – there is no easy choice!

Is liver enlargement a problem that prevents the operation ?

Most obese people suffer from liver hyperplasia due to increased fat and have no obstruction to surgery unless they are exceptionally large.

What tests are required before surgery?

  • Complete Blood Image CBC
  • Comprehensive check
  • Full urine analysis
  • Thyroid functions
  • Haemophilia
  • CG and rays on the chest (sometimes)
  • Gastroscopy to make sure there are no stomach infections and absence of diaphragm hernia
  • TV radiation on the abdomen and gallbladder to see if there are gallstones and the size of the liver sometimes

What is the purpose of these tests?

An anesthesiologist needs a thorough assessment of the condition before a major operation. He needs to know that thyroid function is normal, if the patient has diabetes or if the heart is healthy, etc. to reassure the surgeon and take due precautions during the operation

How long have you been in hospital?

Often the period between 2-3 days after the reassurance on the patient’s condition and make sure that there are no complications of surgery taking into account that the surgery of obesity is performed by the endoscope, which does not need to stay patient long periods inside the hospital

Will I feel pain after surgery?

After the procedure, we try to control the pain through the painkillers to speed up the recovery period. Most of the patients are surprised by the lack of post-operative pain and the degree of tolerance varies from person to person

When do I expect stool out?

3-5 days upon discharge.

What is the percentage of pain when you go out of the hospital?

The degree of tolerance varies from person to person.
The medication prescribes the dwelling for one to two weeks depending on the patient’s need.

What do I do when constipation becomes a problem?

  • Eat large amounts of fluids
  • Sport helps to regularize the exit
  • You can take a laxative feeling excess constipation

Is the use of staples a barrier at airports?

No, that is not true . Is not a hindrance.

Is the use of staples a barrier to CT or MRI?

This is not true you can perform CT, MRI and sonar without any problems.

Will I take vitamins after stapling?

As a result of weight loss in the initial period after the operation with changing habits of nutrition, it is recommended to take vitamins in the first year to compensate for the body’s needs of minerals and vitamins.

When can I drive?

In most cases, it is possible to return to normal activity after two weeks.


Designed Jarallah German specialist clinics to help people who are obese after all Altkulaidaah roads failed. Dr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah of the pioneers of sleeve gastrectomy surgery and has experience exceeds 12 years in the field of obesity surgery.

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