Services Tailored to Your Needs and Expectations


The Center provides comprehensive health services in all medical specialties and auxiliary services: Radiology, Laboratory and Pharmacy, equipped with the latest medical equipment and an integrated team of famous local and international doctors, as well as through a distinguished medical staff, whose mission is to improve your service and provide you with the best health care. Providing quality services tailored to your needs and expectations.

Obesity Surgeon

Dr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah

Consultant obesity and tumor surgery and digestive system

Cosmetic Surgery

Professor Dr. Peter Hirsch

Consultant and expert cosmetic surgery

Plastic Surgeon

Prof. Dr.Klaus Ueberreiter

Consultant Plastic Surgeon and a global pioneer in fat transfer

Plastic Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Salam Blanco

Consultant Plastic Surgeon , Royal College of Surgeons


Designed Jarallah German specialist clinics to help people who are obese after all Altkulaidaah roads failed. Dr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah of the pioneers of sleeve gastrectomy surgery and has experience exceeds 12 years in the field of obesity surgery.

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